To Travel is to Live!

This Is Our Philosophy

We believe that there’s a traveller in each one of us. The one who wants to take off seeking new paths, new companions, conversations or just places that put life back into perspective. Aawara Adventures carefully curated experiences to fulfil this very alter ego.

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

Select your dates, destination and language to uncover a world of adventures by booking reliable local expert guides and curated experiences.

We help travelers explore the nuances of 100+ cities and have a positive travel experience.

Handpicked Adventures

Booking a tour package is one thing, and booking a customisable tour package is another, for there's a striking difference when you travel according to your own choices and when you are bound by itinerary designed by somebody else.

Hidden Gem Destinations

We love discovering hidden gem destinations… but admit it, you love it even more when you’re the first out of your friends to experience a new place, right?! Thrilling sensation of reaching an undiscovered destination is more fun & addictive.

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